Fibroscan is a quantum leap in liver health assessment. It measures the stiffness of your liver and helps estimates the amount of scarring in your liver. Fibroscan is non-invasive, quick and painless. The information it provides is different from ultrasound scan and gives you and your doctor a far more complete assessment of your liver health. Simply put, and ultrasound is utilized more for cancer screening, whereas Fibroscan assesses whether you have developed liver fibrosis or scarring and whether you may need to start treatment for your liver disease such as hepatitis B, C or fatty liver disease. A normal liver should have a low median liver stiffness measurement (LSM). The higher your LSM, the more likely you have severe liver fibrosis or cirrhosis.

gutCARE is one of only a few centers in Singapore that utilizes and has experience using both the M probe and the XL probe to more accurately assess patients with different body mass indices.

Are There Any Special Precautions?

It will be can be carried out during an outpatient clinic appointment or during your inpatient hospital admission. Fibroscan is not recommended if have an implantable device, such as a pacemaker or defibrillator or have ascites (Fluid within the abdomen). However, Fibroscan is safe in pregnancy. Please speak to your doctor or our staff if you think this applies to you.

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For The Scan?

Please do not eat or drink anything for two hours before your fibroscan. Sips of water are permitted. Please continue taking any prescribed medication as you would normally. You will not need to remove your clothing for the scan, but we will need to expose the right side of your abdomen (tummy). Therefore, we encourage women not to wear a dress on the day of the test.

What Happens During The Scan?

You will be asked to lie on an examination couch and place your right arm above your head. A probe will be placed on your abdominal wall and a vibration wave will be emitted from the probe in pulses. At least 10 readings will be taken to ensure we get an accurate result. The median liver stiffness measurement reading is then calculated by Fibroscan. The scan should take between 5 to 10 minutes to perform and you can return home or to work

When Will I Get The Result?

The results are immediate but your referring doctor will need to discuss the results with you at your next outpatient appointment with them. Remember Fibroscan is only one part of your liver assessment and the results need to be considered in the context of your clinical situation.

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