Dr. Jarrod Lee 

Founder & CEO

GUTCARE was founded in 2014 to be a regional centre of excellence in digestive disorders and an international standard group practice in Singapore’s private healthcare sector. Today, GUTCARE has grown into an award-winning brand name in Singapore, with a complete team of specialists and services across 6 different private hospitals.

Gastroenterology and digestive disorders are one of the fastest developing fields in medicine and it is not possible for a single specialist to excel in all its different areas. GUTCARE brings together established regional experts in each area of digestive disorders under a single team. We provide a full suite of subspecialty expertise, endoscopic procedures and digestive services. We offer the convenience of multiple clinic locations and teleconsultation. We partner with all the major insurance panels and offer direct billing where available. With GUTCARE, patients will have easy access to an entire digestive health team across Singapore’s private healthcare sector.


gutCARE was awarded the Gastroenterology Medical Centre of the Year in the Asia-Pacific from 2019 for three years consecutively.
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