Instead of a single specialist, our patients have access to an entire team of digestive specialists, each an expert in their own area of digestive health. Together, our specialists cover the entire spectrum of digestive disorders and ensure that our group remains on the cutting edge of technology and expertise in each area. Our patients are managed by the most suitable specialist for their specific conditions.


We are an award-winning specialist group, comprising doctors who are well recognized individually in their focus areas. Our doctors have presented at regional conferences, published in peer reviewed journals and held professorial appointments in academic institutions. Some sit on international and regional level expert committees, have performed live demonstrations at workshops, introduced novel techniques and therapeutics and even won international competitions in their field. We believe in quality assurance, and our professional standards are continuously benchmarked against industry standards.


We offer the convenience of multiple clinic locations in all major private hospitals and doctors to choose from at your ease. We also offer teleconsultation for selected patients. We partner with all the major insurance companies and can offer direct billing for corporate panel patients. Our fees are harmonized at a group level across all clinics and doctors, and are consistent with Ministry of Health fee benchmarks, guidelines and ethical codes.


You may also send an enquiry via our online form. If you have questions pertaining to your visit or consultation.