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gutCARE provides comprehensive digestive care with a subspecialty focus. Today, digestive disorders are one the of the fastest growing fields in medicine, such that it is not possible for a single doctor to excel in all its different aspects. gutCARE brings together regional authorities and industry leaders in each subspecialty area under a single team, to provide comprehensive and expert care in all areas of digestive disorders. gutCARE patients have access to a full team of digestive specialists, cutting edge endoscopy, and specialized niche services; similar to a full gastroenterology department in a regionally renowned tertiary hospital. Patients enjoy all the conveniences of an established group practice, including multiple clinic and doctor choices, benchmarked charges and a full range of corporate and insurance coverage options.


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Specialist Consult

Meet our doctors face to face so that we can take a full history and carry out physical examination. You will receive detailed and clear explanation of your medical conditions. We are here to guide you and find a solution to your health problems.

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Gut Health & Cancer Screening

Find out more about how to take care of your gut. What are the symptoms of digestive diseases and what do they mean? What are some common digestive diseases? Can I prevent cancer?

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Endoscopy Services

We offer full suite of general and advanced endoscopy services. As a group we used the most updated technologies and techniques comparable to a general hospital’s department.

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Specialized Services

We offer niche specialized services typically only available in major general hospital. Some of the services include hydrogen methane breath test, high resolution manometry and 24 hour pH monitoring.

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Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre
38 Irrawaddy Road
Singapore 329563
+65 6734 3435

Gleneagles Medical Centre
6 Napier Road
Singapore 258499
+65 6475 0325

Parkway East Medical Centre
319 Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427989
+65 6348 0648

Mount Alvernia Hospital
820 Thomson Road
#07-55 Medical Centre D
Singapore 574623
+65 6258 0508

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Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre

Gleneagles Medical Centre

Parkway East Medical Centre

Mount Alvernia Hospital

Welcome to gutCARE

gutCARE was founded with the aim of providing Singapore with a comprehensive and specialized digestive group practice. Gastroenterology is one of the fastest developing fields in medicine. As such, it is no longer possible for a single specialist to excel in all the different areas of digestive disorders. gutCARE brings together regional level authorities in each subspecialty field under a single team, to provide comprehensive and cutting edge digestive care. gutCARE patients have access to a comprehensive team of specialists and services, similar to a full gastroenterology department in any renowned institution in Singapore and the region.

gutCARE provides specialized expertise in all fields of digestive disorders. The specialty focuses on symptom evaluation and investigations to establish the correct diagnosis. This enables proper treatment, which may include medication, lifestyle and diet changes, endoscopic solutions and even surgery. Complex cases are managed by a team rather than a single doctor, with input from our regional authority in the relevant field. The group practice model offers the convenience of multiple clinic locations and multiple doctors for patients to choose from. gutCARE is trusted and recognized by all the corporate insurance panels, and can offer direct billing of costs for panel patients.

gutCARE offers the full spectrum of general and advanced endoscopic services, from diagnostic and screening endoscopy to evaluate symptoms and guide treatment options, to complex and novel advanced procedures which are beyond the expertise of general endoscopists. These include: gastroscopy, colonoscopy, standard and advanced polyp removal, piles ligation, endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), small intestine endoscopy, endoscopic dilation and stenting, feeding tube placement and exchange, and endoscopic emergencies.

gutCARE provides an in-house suite of niche services in the various subspecialty fields. These include: motility studies, manometry, combined pH-impedance monitoring for reflux disorders, hydrogen/ methane breath testing for sugar intolerances and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and FibroScan liver stiffness measurement. These services, which aid in diagnosing symptoms and carrying out treatment, are otherwise only available in the large academic public hospitals in Singapore.

We warmly welcome you to gutCARE.

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