Specialized Services Referral Form

Specialized Services Referral Form

We offer direct access to some services for healthcare professionals. You can send your patients for hydrogen/methane breath testing, dietician consultation, psychologist consultation, and fibroscan. To make a referral you may fax or email the completed form to us.

If you are a registered doctor in Singapore, you can also directly access digestive motility studies such as high-resolution manometry and 24 hour pH study and colon transit study. Should you need help in interpreting some of these studies, we advise that you send the patient for consultation with our specialist first before the studies.

High-resolution menometry and 24 hour pH study is done at our clinic at Medical Centre D, #07-55, Mt Alvernia Hospital Hospital. Please contact the clinic at +6564750325 for an appointment.

We believe that ordering and interpretation of these specialized test requires a trained professional and as such, these tests are not available for public, without first consulting a doctor.

gutCARE facilitates direct billing for specialized services at individual referring clinics. If you wish to set up an account for direct billing for your clinic, please email gutcareops2@gmail.com or leave a message through our website. We will get back to you.

>>Download the referral form here.<<

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