Our Gut Microbiome: Your Answer To Staying Motivated To Exercise

February 2, 2023
Our Gut Microbiome: Your Answer To Staying Motivated To Exercise

Our gut microbiome is a symbiotic ecosystem that changes in response to our lifestyle. It is primarily made up of a wide variety of bacteria that affects not only our digestive system but also our overall health. There is increasing evidence that our gut microbiome plays a role in the body’s inflammatory pathways and may contribute to metabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Our gut microbiome is also an important factor influencing the gut-brain axis. To age healthier and better, ensuring the health and vitality of our gut microbiome is crucial.


Gastroenterologists recommend several tips their patients can adopt in their lifestyle to improve their gut microbiome including consuming plenty of fiber and ensuring an active lifestyle.


What can an active lifestyle do for my gut microbiome?

An active lifestyle benefits our gut microbiome in several ways. Exercise enhances the population of beneficial gut microbial species, increasing microbial diversity. Studies have found that professional athletes have a significantly higher gut microbiome diversity compared with similar aged individuals who were comparatively less active.


The relationship between our gut microbiome and exercise

Interestingly, exercise and our gut microbiome likely have a bidirectional relationship. Changes in our gut microbiome may influence the levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, GABA, butyrate and glutamate.  These neurotransmitters are important in maintaining our emotional well-being and can cause individuals to feel a lack of motivation to stay active. Research suggests tweaking our gut microbiome can potentially lead to modulation of dopamine levels and lead to a more active lifestyle. Bloated stomach symptoms, diarrhoea symptoms, or constipation symptoms might be a reflection of gut dysbiosis or an unhealthy gut microbiome, which in turn, affects your motivation to exercise.


Leveraging on the microbiome-exercise paradigm

We all are aware of the importance and benefits that an active lifestyle and exercise offers. From weight control to lowering the risk of developing heart diseases to boosting overall mood and mental health, having an active lifestyle is a step to living longer and healthier. However, staying motivated to exercise despite knowing all its benefits is still a challenge for everyone?


Our emotional well-being is certainly a key factor motivating us to exercise and our gut microbiome is likely to play an important role in determining this. The gut-brain axis has been one of the most important discoveries in the past two decades.  Neurotransmitters and other molecules produced by our gut can impact how our brain and body functions. Hence maintaining a healthy gut microbiome is crucial. You can do this by exercising, adjusting your diet and avoiding antibiotics and other medications that might have an impact on your gut microbiome.



One way to ensure that you have a healthy and diverse gut microbiome is to check with your gastroenterologist. If you are looking to begin a healthy gut journey, then look no further than GUTCARE. We are a digestive care specialist clinic that takes care of everything gut-related, from your stomach all the way to your colon.


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