Colon Transit Study

What is Colon Transit Study?

The colon transit study is a motility (movement) study of your colon (large intestines). It is used to determine if your colon is moving too slowly.


The colon transit study is simple. It involves swallowing a special small pill/capsule.

Depending on where they are distributed, the markers are also monitored to determine the transit time they take to pass through the colon. Markers concentrated in a single area in the colon may hint to a blockage, while markers scattered throughout the colon may suggested a delay in gut transit.

WHEN Should I Get The Study

The purpose of this study is to check if the movement of faeces (stool) through your colon is normal or slow and assess the function of your bowel. So if you have been suffering from chronic constipation, then this study will guide the specialist in deciding on the type of appropriate treatment.


No special preparation is needed for this study.

BEFORE The Study

No prior preparation is needed.

DURING The Study

You will have to swallow a small pill/capsule, which contains 24 small plastic rings inside or small ‘markers’ which are visible on X-ray.

It is important during the study that no laxatives, enemas or purgatives are taken.

After 5 days, you will have to come back for a simple X-ray of your abdomen, which are able to detect how many of the rings are retained and their movement through the colon.

AFTER The Study

Your specialist will view the X-ray, count and evaluate the remaining rings, if any, and determine if the rate of transit is normal or prolonged.

AFTER Of The Study

There are no risks to the study, except for the small dose of radiation associated with the X-ray.

QUALITY Of The Study

The quality of the study is dependent upon your adherence to instructions, and the results are interpreted based on international criteria.

COST Of The Study

The cost of the study includes the capsule and X-ray.