Gut Bacteria and Probiotics

June 23, 2022

The human body is colonized by a whole group of small microscopic organisms known as microbes. These consists of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and whilst they are often associated with disease and illness, they are necessary for the functioning of the human body.

Collectively known as the human microflora, the bulk of these are located in the human gut. Starting with small numbers in the acidic and inhospitable stomach, rising to significant colonies in the colon. Usually, there is a good balance and the body naturally keeps in check the populations, but when this is disrupted, illnesses can result. The diseases which have been linked to the disturbances in the gut microbiome include Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. Research has also suggested links with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and even disorders of the mood and brain.

Thus maintaining a healthy microflora is important. In most of us, this happens automatically through gut homeostasis or regulation. But sometimes after a major disturbance, such as after antibiotics or an episode of severe gastroenteritis, heling top-up the microflora using Probiotics and encouraging the growth of good bugs using Prebiotics and Synbiotics can be helpful.